Farmers know; being an involved and proactive community member comes with the job of raising people’s food. One woman and a member of the South Dakota Pork Producers Council, serves her community through farming, volunteering, and developing her own business

Amy Storm of Ethan, South Dakota, has lived on a pig farm with her husband Ryan for 20 years and has developed a passion for the pork industry! “My roles have changed a little bit on our farm side of it,” Storm explains. “Ryan and I have been married for 20 years and when we got married we began to raise hogs ourselves. When our kids were either not here yet or little it was just the two of us in the barn. My involvement evolved a little bit as our boys got older.” Storm is a big part of the process when it comes to selling and moving; moving pigs from the nursery to the finishing barn and loading semi’s are just part of her farm involvement. “..believe it or not I actually power wash the barns too every now and the then.” Amy added.

Involved and Proactive Community member.

Storm wears many hats throughout her community in addition to being a pig farmer and mom.  She has developed her own photography business about 12 years ago, Eye of A Storm Photography, where her passion for high school seniors and weddings have come about.  In 2015, Amy became a first responder for the Ethan Fire Department to help with emergency calls in her area and community.  As part of being on the fire department, Amy and her first responders crew also lead CPR training and certifications for their high school students, and school assemblies that educate student on the dangers of drunk and drugged driving, suicide, and other problems teens and students face.  As if that wasn’t enough on her plate, she also volunteers at her local church, treasurer for her township, active part on her county pork producers organization, is on the Ethan school board and is an involved parent with the events her boys are part of.

But after a long day of all these important activities and opportunities of service, she returns to the farm and family she loves. “One of the rewarding parts of being a farmer is obviously seeing a finished product and seeing your hard work pay off,” Amy says. “…but for me, in all honesty, for me as a mom the most rewarding thing is to see my husband out there with my three boys working.”

“Raising pigs and running a farm as a family, is a priority for Amy. “It’s starts from our farm, to your table. We are raising it to the best of our ability so that you have quality pork on your table for when you sit down with your family. That is what is important to me.”


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