South Dakota Pork Producers – and others interested in the industry – are encouraged to register for a three-day educational tour to Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois being organized by the South Dakota Pork Producers Council. The tour will be held August 1-3, 2016.

Tentative Itinerary

 Aug. 1   Leave Sioux Falls              7:00 AM

Meal at NPB Office          Noon

Presentation by NPB and NPPC

Depart Des Moines         3:00 PM

Evening Meal by SDPPC

Travel to Motel

Aug. 2   Depart for Fair Oaks Swine, Dairy and Crop Adventure 7:30 AM

Arrive at Fair Oaks           10:30 AM

Bus Tours and Noon Meal

Depart Fair Oaks               3:30 PM

Arrive at Wrigley Field5:30 PM

Cubs Game                        7:05 PM

Depart Wrigley Field       10:00 PM

Travel to Motel

Aug. 3   Depart Motel                     9:00 AM

Noon Meal by SDPPC

Ames – Meat Lab 1:30 PM

Tour and Pork Cutting Demonstration

Depart Ames 3:30 PM

Arrive back in Sioux Falls8:00 PM

The registration fee is $100 per person (refunded to those who actually participate in the tour).  If you are interested, please contact the SDPPC office at 605-332-1600.

FAMILY PHOTO_finalRyan Storm is the 3rd generation of his family that has farmed where he lives. The home place is approximately 10 miles west of Ethan. The Storm’s raise corn, soybeans and winter wheat.  Ryan has a hog wean to finish operation.  He also has 60 head of cow / calf pairs that they raise. Ryan has loved farming his whole life!  He was raised with his grandfather still farming and then with his dad.  Ryan attended SDSU for Ag and after graduating he returned home to farm with his dad.  When his dad moved to town, Ryan’s family moved to the home place and is currently farming there.

Ryan has been married to his wife Amy for 17 years and they have three boys; Jake is 15, Kory is 11 and Luke is 8.  Amy assists Ryan on the farm, but also has her own photography business on the side.  They both are busy with being involved with their church, school activities and of course running their family farm together.

Ryan serves on the township board.  He is also involved in his church serving on various committees there as well.  Ryan has been part of Ag in the classroom. He is a part of the Davison County Pork Council for several years. Ryan is currently serving as the SDPPC President and sits on the Tradeshow committee, DE committee, Nominating committee and on the Executive committee. He has also represented SDPPC as a delegate for the past several years for the National Pork Forum

When asking Ryan what is the most rewarding part of farming and raising livestock today? He replied I was born and raised on the farm.  I have always loved being outside and in the element of farming.  I farmed with my dad for several years and now have 3 boys of my own coming up.  I feel privileged to have been able to see in my life time my grandfather farming here, my dad farming with me and now my boys starting to be part of it.  I feel that farming gives great opportunity to families to teach them amazing life lessons and the memories that it can create.  I also appreciate the ability to care for our animals and raise them in the right manner.  I pride myself on taking care of what has been given to me and to make sure that our animals are raised and cared for in the best of my abilities.

Ryan feels there are many challenges that come with farming it seems.  Besides the obvious things such as markets and weather, we are seeing more regulations coming to us.  This is not always a bad thing, but it means more administrative time to be put towards farming.  An example of this would be packer audits that are being implemented, county zoning rules, and state environment reports things of that nature.

Ryan and his family play a BIG role in their local community. Their local pork council in Davison County is made up of about 10 local farmer and their families.  This is our true example of team work and service that we put together.  They put on the pork sandwich booth every year at Dakotafest for three days.  They cook for weddings, graduations and fundraisers for all parts of their community.  They have come to a point now where all of their kids are now pitching in to help and be part of the service that they do.  They LOVE to give back to our community not only by the service that we do, but by scholarships to high school seniors, the Angel tree at Christmas and sponsor various events.  To Ryan this small group of farmers is what family farms are all about and what it means to be part of a community!

Ryan believes that agriculture plays a huge role in South Dakota’s economy.  This is one of the backbones of our industry in the Midwest.  It starts with the basics of purchasing seed, fertilizer, chemical, medicine, feed and so forth from the local business all the way through to the selling of these products to our local elevators and sale barns.  These businesses in return give business to the railways, local grocery stores and business beyond our state borders.


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May 24, 2016

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