The Public Policy Committee has the responsibility of monitoring and keeping abreast of all issues that may affect the pork industry, especially those issues requiring legislative efforts on the state and national level. Some of the specific responsibilities of the committee include screening and recommending to the Executive Board a lobbyist to represent the Council during the state legislative session, planning the legislative session, planning the legislative announcements at the annual meeting and preparing the annual NPPC legislative seminar at Washington, D.C. The program of work and other expenses associated with the Public Policy Committee are entirely funded with Non-Checkoff dollars of the Council.
  • Review the association bylaws and articles of incorporation, recommended any necessary revisions to the delegate body of the association.
  • Review all proposed resolutions and amendments to the bylaws of the Council prior to the Annual Meeting of the members
  • The committee chairman or Executive Director should attend all Ag Unity, Agriculture United for South Dakota and SD Livestock Foundation meetings to maintain the pork industry link to the other commodity and agricultural organizations and report highlights of such meeting to the committee and Board of Directors.
Shane Odegaard, Chairman
Justin Rothschadel
Brent Greenway
Ray Epp
Lynn Hurley
Matt Moeller
Brad Greenway
Dave Uttecht
Paul Brandt
Steve Rommereim
Randy Odegaard
Jim Petrik
John Wipf; Oaklane Colony
Clarence Wurtz; Upland Colony
Brad Hohn
Ryan Storm
Ferlyn Hofer
Craig Andersen
Lorin Pankratz (Ex-Officio – Lobbyist for SDPPC)
Paul Wipf; Spink Colony
Mike Lens
Spencer Jacobson
Eddie Wurtz
Austin Willms
Karl Schenk
Bill Larsen