The Demand Enhancement Committee will carry out pork promotion activities statewide and nationally that will help with incremental movement of pork products. These activities in the state will include but not be limited to: the organization and execution of the SD Taste of Elegance, Special Promotions and Producer Grilling Events with grocery stores and retail markets, overseeing the work of the educational consultants, 4-H Programs, Ag in the Classroom, Retail Marketing and Advertising, Promotional Booth Displays and the Distribution of Educational Materials.

Robert Rasmussen, Chairman
Brooke Heisinger, Vice-Chairman
Nick Wedirt
Shane Zylstra
Ray Epp
Levi Wollman
Justin Odegaard
Brad & Peggy Greenway
Paul Wipf
Craig Andersen
Kayla Cox
Jim Petrik
Alicia Mogler
Ashley Gelderman
Marcy Rossow
David Skaggs
Ryan Storm
Clarence Wurtz – Upland Colony
Ferlyn & Karen Hofer
Mark Fuoss
Adam Krause
Matt & Karen Moeller
Matt Storm
Emily Andersen
Bill Larsen

Dan Howell