It is the responsibility of the Association Services & Membership Committee to develop an effective membership program for the pork producers, managers, employees and allied industry of South Dakota. Also, to offer incentive and recognition programs to enhance the effort.
Other specific responsibilities of the committee are as follows: to develop an effective communications program which informs the Council members of the work being done within the organization as well as how dollars are spent, to develop specific association services that will be of benefit to the members, to screen and select candidates to receive association scholarships and determine the appropriate use of funds for public relations work.


Bill Larsen, Chairman
Greg Feenstra, Vice-Chairman
Shane Odegaard
Ferlyn Hofer
Austin Willms
Mike Lens
Shannon Klumb
Brian Schnoor

Steve Rommereim

Justin Odegaard
Mark Fuoss
Brad & Peggy Greenway
Brooke Heisinger
Laron Krause
Justin Rothschadel
Jason Foster