The Annual Meeting & Trade Show Committee plans the association’s annual business and industry tradeshow. The annual meeting allows all members a opportunity to express their voice on the Checkoff and Non-Checkoff funded programs of the Council. It is at the annual meeting that the members of the association guide policy development. By hosting an annual industry trade show, the association provides its members an opportunity to view the latest in the pork industry technology as well as an opportunity to hear educational speakers.


Adam Krause, Chairman
Jason Foster, Vice-Chairman
Ferlyn & Karen Hofer
Rod & Sheri Foster
Ryan Storm
Shannon & Michelle Klumb
Shane Odegaard
Charles & Marcy Rossow
Bill Larsen
Matt Storm
Ray & Pam Epp
Paul Wipf
David Skaggs
Austin Willms
Trent Thompson
Jeff Wolff
Spencer Jacobson
Craig & Gail Anderson
Tanya Torguson