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South Dakota Pork Producers Council 2019 Executive Board


President Ferlyn Hofer; Canistota

First Vice President Craig Andersen; Centerville

Second Vice President Shane Odegaard; Lake Preston

Ferlyn Hofer is serving as the President of South Dakota Pork Producer Council. Ferlyn and his wife Karen live near Canistota, South Dakota where they have three sons. They grow corn and soybean on their farm and they also have a farrow to finish hog farm. In their free time they love spending time outdoors and giving back to their community. While being the president of the SDPPC he is also a supervisor on his township board and a member of his church. In the summer they enjoy camping and hiking, and in the winter, they enjoy snowmobiling in the mountains in the Black Hills. Both Ferlyn and Karen enjoy helping out with SDPPC events getting to talk to consumers one on one.

Craig Anderson is serving as the first vice president on the board. Craig and his wife Gail live near Centerville, South Dakota where they grow corn, soybeans, winter wheat and alfalfa. They have three children and all of them are still involved in the family farm. They also raise beef cattle and hogs. In Craig’s free time he is on his county Planning and Zoning, township board, past church chairman and school advisory committee. Craig also represents South Dakota on the National Pork Producers Council Board of Directors.

Shane Odegaard is serving as the second vice president on the board. Shane live near Lake Preston, South Dakota with his three girls on a diversified farm where they raise hogs and cattle and grow corn and soybeans. In Shane’s free time he is very active in his community, serving on the church board, Sunday school, 4-H community development board, co-op board, fair board, Lake Preston Chamber of Commerce member.

District I

Greg Feenstra; Huron

Clarence Wurtz; Upland Colony, Artesian

Bill Larsen; Wolsey

Paul Wipf; Spink Colony, Frankfort

Greg Feenstra is representing District 1 on the board. Greg and his wife Wendy live near Huron, South Dakota on a hog, dairy and beef cattle farm. Greg is also employed at Heartland Pork. Greg and Wendy have one daughter and one son. In Greg’s free time he coached his daughter’s softball team and son’s baseball team.

Clarence Wurtz is representing the Hutterites on the board. Clarence and his wife Syglinda are from Artesian, South Dakota and live on the Upland Colony, where they have eight children and 30 grandchildren. Clarence is currently the secretary for the Upland Colony where they raise pigs, dairy and beef cattle and crop land.

Bill Larsen represents District 1 on the board. Bill and his wife Carol live near Wolsey, South Dakota and have three children. On their farm they grow corn, soybeans and hay while they raise pigs and beef cattle. In their free time they enjoy attending South Dakota Pork events across the state, serving pork at SDSU Hobo Day and going to the winter outdoor show in Pierre and State Fair. Their family has been involved with 4-H for 12 years where Bill is also a county 4-H leader. School activities are also a big part of their lives.

Paul Wipf is representing District 1 on the board. Paul and his wife Jolene live near Frankfort, South Dakota. They live on the Spink Colony where the colony grows grain, and raises hogs, dairy and beef cattle. Paul and Jolene have six children. On the colony Paul is the manager along with being the secretary and treasurer.

District II

Jason Foster; Garden City

Adam Krause; Clear Lake:

Jason Foster represents District 2 on the board. Jason lives near Garden City, South Dakota where he farms with his dad. They grow corn and soybeans and raise pigs and beef cattle. In Jason’s free time he is active in his county 4-H leader association and a member of the Lake Area Tech Large Animal Advisory Board. He also enjoys going and helping with the Jr. Swine shows across the state.

Adam Krause from Clear Lake, South Dakota is serving on the board representing District 2. Adam farms with his father where they grow corn, soybeans and wheat, while he operates a nursey barn. Adam’s wife Taylor is currently the school secretary at Deuel high school in Clear Lake. In their free time they love giving back to their community. Taylor is a Sunday school teacher, while Adam is on the trustees committee for their church. Adam also enjoys helping the youth and varsity wrestling programs at the local school.

District III

Seth Denning; Corsica

Brooke Heisinger; Scotland

Justin Rothschadel; Tyndall

Seth Denning is representing District 3 on the board. Seth and his wife Robyn have a finishing barn near Corsica, South Dakota, where they have four boys. Their boys are very active in sports. In their free time Robyn serves on the education board for their church, while Seth is a member of the Douglas County Planning and Zoning board for numerous years. Their family also enjoys spending time on the Missouri River boating and fishing in the summer.

Brooke Heisinger is a board member representing District 3. Brooke live near Scotland, South Dakota with her husband Jared. On their farm they grow corn, soybeans and alfalfa while raising hogs and beef cattle. Brooke works full-time as a credit analyst while helping put on the farm as much as she can. In their free time they are involved with their church and help with promoting agriculture in their local community.

Justin Rothschadel is on the board representing District 3. Justin and his wife Brittany live near Tyndall, South Dakota where they have two boys. Justin farms with his dad and grandfather where they grow corn, soybeans and winter wheat. On his own he has a cattle herd and a nursery and a finishing pig barn. Brittany works as a physical therapy doctor and in her free time she is the co-chairperson at their churches elementary religious ed. In Justin’s free time he sits on his church’s council, Knight of Columbus, and is on his county Planning and Zoning board.

District IV

Shane Zylstra; Bersford Austin Willms; Akron, Iowa

Robert Rasmussen; Viborg

Shane Zylstra is representing District 4 on the board. Shane and his wife Lindsay live in Beresford, South Dakota on a row crop farm where they also raise hogs. Shane and Lindsay have both grown up on a farm and now they are raising their three children on their farm. In their free time they are active in their church where Lindsay runs the North Star program and is the director of home school community group, while Shane is on the Deacon board.

Austin Willms is representing District 4 on the board. Austin and his wife Desirae live near Akron, Iowa where they grow corn, soybeans and alfalfa and they also raise cattle and hogs. Austin also runs his own trucking, custom manure application business and sells corn and soybean seed. Austin and Desirae have two daughters. In their free time they are on numerous boards in their community, helping with school activities and helping at their church.

Robert Rasmussen is representing District 4. Robert is from Hurley, South Dakota on a family farm where he farms with his two brothers Chris and Al, they grow crops and raise hogs and cattle.  Robert has three children. In his free time, he is the president of the community club, on the county fair board, volunteer fireman, helps with Danish days and helps with the food pantry.

Allied Industry

Spencer Jacobson, Brandon – Smithfield

Ashley Gelderman, Hartford  – Standard Nutrition

Spencer Jacobson serves as an Allied Industry Representative on the board. He and his wife Tanya live near Brandon, South Dakota. He is the Assistant Director of Procurement at Smithfield. They have three daughters; in Spencer’s free time he is on the property committee at their church and the sheep superintendent for Minnehaha County 4-H.

Ashley Gelderman serves as an Allied Industry Representative on the board. Ashley grew up on a hog farm and now she and her husband Tony live near Hartford, South Dakota where they grow row crop and forages and raise beef cattle. Ashley works for Standard Nutrition as a monogastric nutritionist. She and Tony have three girls. In their free time they help with South Dakota Master Pork Producer events and with FFA events at local and state level.


Past President – Ryan Storm, Mt. Vernon

Ryan Storm is the past president of the board. Ryan and his wife Amy live near Mt. Vernon, South Dakota on a grain farm where they also raise cattle and hogs. Ryan and Amy have three boys. In their free time they are busy in their community. Ryan is a board member on their township, church building committee, president of the Davison County pork council and coached their son’s baseball team. Amy is the treasurer on their township, President of their school board, and an EMT on their volunteer fire department.

SDSU Extension (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Bob Thaler, Brookings

Dr. Bob Thaler is representing South Dakota State University as an ex-officio board member. He currently lives near Brookings, South Dakota with his wife Karen. Bob is a professor at SDSU and is also the SDSU Extension Swine Specialist, Bob helps run the SDSU Swine Education and Research Facility. Karen is currently a 7th grade English teacher in Brookings. Bob and Karen have three children and three grandchildren. In Bob and Karen’s free time they help at their church as well as go to SDSU events and volunteer with the South Dakota Pork Producer and South Dakota Master Pork Producers events.

National Pork Board President and

South Dakota Animal Industry Board

Steve Roimmereim, Alcester (Ex-Officio)

Steve Rommereim is serving on our board, as an ex-officio member as he represents South Dakota Pork Producer Council on the South Dakota Animal Industry Board. He served as the SDPPC president in 2009 and 2010 and has been on numerous committees. Steve served as the 2018-2019 National Pork Board president and currently sits on the Nation Pork Board executive committee. Steve and his wife Charlotte live near Alcester, South Dakota on a crop and pig farm. They have two daughters and two grandchildren. Community involvement is very important to them they love cooking pork for many different events. Church gatherings, 4-H events and school activities are just a few of the many opportunities where they share their products and the story of hog production.

South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture

Kim Vanneman