PORK:What does it do for South Dakota?
  • Provides 7,900 jobs
  • South Dakota is ranked #9 in pork production
  • SD produces 3,780,040 pigs annually
  • South Dakota’s 175,000 sows farrowed 385,000 litters per year
  • South Dakota hogs consume 315,000 tons of Soybean Meal
  • South Dakota hogs consume 52 million bushels of Corn
  • South Dakota’s pork industry contributes $520 million annually to the State’s Economy
  • South Dakota’s pork industry contributes $17.4 million in business taxes annually
Pork Be delicious, Be Creative and Be inspired!
South Dakota producers involved in pork production are committed to finding new and innovative ways to do business. From environmental management to animal nutrition and animal health, South Dakota pork producers take their responsibilities VERY seriously and have been innovative leaders in the research, science and latest technology that helps keep feeding the world. The main goal for South Dakota Pork Producers is to produce the healthiest, safe and environmentally sound pork products for our consumers to enjoy and demand. Healthy animals are a vital part of a successful pork industry.