Area fourth grade students get a chance learn about several segments of South Dakota agriculture. From Farm to you….More than the Oink is held at the Sioux Empire Fair Expo building on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and will feature live farm animals and sessions about each segment of agriculture represented that day.


Fourth graders will have time at each of the eleven stations to meet farmers with their dairy calves, beef calves, baby pigs, turkeys and sheep. The students will also hear from farmers at each of these stations where they will learn how the farmer cares for their livestock and the importance of agriculture to South Dakota’s economy.


With kids becoming further removed from the farm, many students have not had the opportunity to meet a pig or calf, so we are hoping they will enjoy this opportunity to pet the livestock and learn more about them and how they provide not only food but several other items we use every day.

Besides meeting farm animal’s fourth graders will learn about corn, soybeans and wheat. The Dakota Layers will share with the students poultry industry and the practices. In addition, Smithfield will educate the students on products produced from pork and Sioux International will have a tractor for the students to view.


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