Tips for cooking pork:
   Some very general tips for grilling pork are simple. The #1 way to enjoy great tasting pork is to NOT overcook it. A cooking thermometer is the best tool you can have for ensuring the juiciest and most tender pork experience. Cooking to medium doneness for chops, tenderloins and roasts means just minutes on the grill and blush of pink in the center. Go low and slow for ribs, loins and pork shoulder for grill classics such as fall-off-the-bone ribs and a perfect pulled pork sandwich.
   Pork tastes great on the grill so make enough to enjoy for two meals… grill once and eat twice. For example: grilling chops one night and then taking the left over’s and putting them on a great sumertime salad, stir fry or even between a tortilla with fresh summer ingredients.
Which flavors should we use for marinating?
   Pork is SO versatile it works with many flavors! No matter what time of the year it is, it is easy to adapt sauces, rubs and marinaades to create a dynamic meal that will turn blah into Ahh! at the dinner table.
   SAUCES are great flavor enhancing option. To maximize flavor and prevent burning brush sauces on 20-30 minutes before removing meat from the grill.
   RUBS are a mixture of herbs and spices that are applied to the meats surface and combined with the meats natural juices to work as a “dry” marinade.
   MARINADE have 3 typical ingredients and acid such as vinegar or fruit juices, oil and herbs and spices. To ensure adn even distributution place marinades in a self sealing plastic bag or covered container.
Everyone has their favorite flavors and pork fits them ALL!
Which is a good temperature to cook at?
   USDA recommends for delicious and juicy pork to cook until medium doneness which would be 145 degrees with a 3 minute rest time.
How versatile is pork?
   Versatility is a great attribute for pork. It works well with any flavor so it fits with most cuisines and everybody’s favroites. Asian flavors are very popular and you can get many GREAT recipes at
From American BBQ sauce to Asian to Latin flavors pork can do it ALL!!