The Production Profitability Committee oversees the production practices, education and research activities for the South Dakota Pork Producers Council. This committee meets a minimum of twice a year. This committee screens research projects, determines if the projects are complimentary and non-duplicative to National Pork Board, and administers contracts for selected research  projects. All expenses for this committee shall be paid with Checkoff funds. Other responsibilities of the committee include but are not limited to: SD Value-Added Ag Center, SD Feeder Pig Derby, Marketing Seminars, Seminar Speakers for Annual Meeting and Trade Show, FFA Awards, Professional Dues and Producer Education.
Craig Andersen, Chairman
Bill Larsen, Vice Chairman
Hannah Walkes
Mike Lens
Ashley Gelderman
Richard VanZee
Jim Quackenbush
Paul Brandt
Dave Uttecht
Dr. Bob Thaler
John Wipf; Oaklane Colony
Clarence Wurtz; Upland Colony
Brad Hohn
Mark Fuoss
Laron Krause
Ben Olson
Robert Rasmussen
Ferlyn Hofer