The South Dakota Pork Producers Council (SDPPC) elected Ryan Storm, a pork producer from Mount Vernon, SD, to serve as president for a second term.
“I am honored to be selected to represent the South Dakota Pork Producers Council as their President for a second year.  I feel that we have made progress over the years in educating our communities about pork production, but feel we have more that we can do.  New opportunities for families keep coming for them to become part of the pork industry and we need to keep supporting them with this.  Our staff is very passionate about what they do and a valuable resource to all of us.  Together I feel that we can move our industry in a positive way.  I am looking forward to 2017 and the new adventures that it brings.” Stated President Ryan Storm.
Ryan Storm is the 3rd generation of his family that has farmed where he lives. The home place is approximately 10 miles west of Ethan. The Storm’s raise corn, soybeans and winter wheat.  Ryan has a hog wean to finish operation.  He also has 60 head of cow / calf pairs that they raise. Ryan has loved farming his whole life!  He was raised with his grandfather still farming and then with his dad.  Ryan attended SDSU for Ag and after graduating he returned home to farm with his dad.  When his dad moved to town, Ryan’s family moved to the home place and is currently farming there.
Ryan has been married to his wife Amy for 17 years and they have three boys; Jake is 15, Kory is 11 and Luke is 8.  Amy assists Ryan on the farm, but also has her own photography business on the side.  They both are busy with being involved with their church, school activities and of course running their family farm together.
The board also re-elected Ferlyn Hofer of Canistota, SD as first vice president and Craig Andersen of Centerville, SD as second vice president for the South Dakota Pork Producers Council Executive Board.
The South Dakota Pork Producers Councils Mission Statement states that the South Dakota Pork Producers Council is a unified and engaged advocate that promotes, with integrity, the image and growth of the South Dakota pork industry through education, research, marketing and responsible policy.
Their Vision Statement states that the South Dakota Pork Producers Council is a respected leader advocating for sustainable, responsible growth of the South Dakota Pork Industry that benefits our producers, consumers, and communities.
The pork industry has put together an industry pledge for their producers and it is the WE CARE ETHICAL PRINCIPLES. The recent adoption of a statement of ethical principles calls attention to producers’ commitment to responsible practices. With this statement, U.S. pork producers affirm an obligation to: Produce Safe Food, Protect and Promote Animal Well-Being, Ensure Practices to Protect Public Health, Safeguard Natural Resources in All of Our Practices, Provide a Work Environment That is Safe and Consistent with Our Other Ethical Principles and Contribute to a Better Quality of Life in Our Communities.
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The South Dakota Pork Producers Council (SDPPC) was created in 1954 to responsibly serve, support and enhance the success of the South Dakota pork production industry.  Along with managing industry issues and improving the image of the pork industry, the South Dakota Pork Producers Council works to insure a safe, wholesome product for the consumer’s confident consumption.
South Dakota’s pork producers have 170,000 sows and they produce 339,000 farrowings per year. South Dakota is ranked #11 in pork production and ranks #2 in pigs per sow. South Dakota ranks 9th nationally in number of pigs born in the state.  South Dakota’s pork industry contributes $2.1 billion overall economic impact of SD’s Swine Industry. Also, South Dakota pork industry contributes $17.4 million in total tax revenue.